Who are we and what do we do?

The origin of the word catharsis lies with the Greek philosopher Aristotles, this literally means purification or cleansing of the soul. This can be expressed through art, music and poetry. This fact is inherent to these creative centipedes, which each have their strengths and weaknesses. They decided to join forces. They’re all designers and have a background in the art world, music and graphics industry. The name was given to this production agency, because these creative souls are in touch with what they are good at and feel the need of the client. It goes beyond merely recording, mixing and mastering audio, designing a company logo, giving shape to an albumcover, magazine or book, creating a Tshirt design,  layout or branding. They dig deeper into the need and demand of the customer and their company, trying to get along with their personal story in this way.


You think it

we build it


Founder ~ Music Producer ~ Audio engineer ~  Graphic Designer


Co-founder ~ Art Designer


Audio engineer ~ Music Producer ~ Session drummer ~ Graphic Designer

 We offer you the ability to relax the whole ride trough. Are you a band? Do you need pictures? In need of professional audio? Artwork? Videoclips? Live recordings? Do you need your Cd or Vinyl Pressed? We are on it and we are able to go trough the full process cause of our network of professionals and artists.

www.catharsis-productions.com / info@catharsis-productions.com / 0032 (0) 474 49 10 85 Pluimstraat 1 bus 001 8500 Kortrijk